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Employees are on the move, spending less and less time in their offices. At the same time, they’re using an increasing array of communications methods, such as desk phones, cell phones, instant messaging, and conferencing applications (voice, video, and web).

But communication hasn’t necessarily improved. It now takes a lot of guessing to figure out how to reach a co-worker on any given day. This communication challenge comes with a real efficiency and cost risk.

Unified Communications can solve this problem. Imagine being able to:

  • Manage emails, voice mails, and faxes from a single inbox.
  • Reach co-workers by dialing a single telephone number, no matter how many different devices they use.
  • Seamlessly switch from an IM chat to a live telephone conversation or a web-based collaboration with the click of a mouse.

Save money, streamline business processes, collaborate more easily, and provide better service to your customers. These are just a few of the benefits of Unified Communications.

Learn more about Cisco Unified Communications solutions.

Nashen serves the Montreal and Quebec regions of Canada.

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