Affordable and simple cloud hosting solutions

At Nashen Technologies we host your backups, equipment, e-mail and applications. We reduce your risks and worries and guarantee availability anywhere, anytime.

NashenCloud is a complete solution that protects you from all types of disasters with seamless integration.

Backup cloud services

  • Backup your company data directly offsite every day
  • Daily backups accessible for past ten days or more
  • No longer worry about…

    • managing backups
    • restoring your data
    • backup integrity
    • changing backup tapes or disks

Email cloud services

  • Access your company e-mail from anywhere anytime
  • No longer worry about losing or not getting e-mail
  • No more spam
  • Have your company mail domain hosted
  • As many e-mail domains and accounts as you wish
  • Mailbox backup and restore services

Services application Cloud

  • Access your applications from anywhere, anytime…
  • Application hosting
  • Virtual server hosting
  • Virtualized desktops

Equipment hosting

  • Physical IT equipment hosting
  • No longer worry about outages of any kind
  • Physical server and desktop hosting
  • Your hardware is available 24/7
Protect your important data today!
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Nashen serves the Montreal and Quebec regions of Canada.