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3400, Jean-Talon West, Suite 203 Montreal, Quebec H3R 2E8

Phone: 514-345-8826
Toll-free: 1-877-545-8826

Founded in 1982 by two brothers, Barry and Jeff Nashen, Nashen Technologies is one of the first information technology companies to have opened for business in Montreal. Graduates of McGill University, the two brothers started their career in information technology, independently of each other. However, faced with an industry in fast growth, the duo quickly determined that there was strength in numbers.

The services offered by Nashen Technologies are executed by a group of experienced and rigorously trained professionals. Moreover, they have an excellent knowledge of business processes. Their field of expertise extends from PC support to developing solutions using artificial intelligence.

Through their consultative approach, they try to understand the immediate needs of their clients while also anticipating their future needs to develop a vision and action plan. They then examine the range of technologies available, identify and implement the solutions most beneficial to each client.

Nashen Technologies is recognized as a certified trainer by the Government of Quebec.

Jeff Nashen


With over 35 years of experience in management and information technologies, Jeff Nashen has been witness to the revolution of the business world. He cofounded Nashen Technologies in 1982, and continues to work as a programmer, analyst and senior consultant. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce with a specialization in Information Technologies.

Barry Nashen


Cofounder of Nashen Technologies, Barry Nashen has more than 35 years of experience in the areas of management, information technologies and business process re-engineering. He has a Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering and a post-graduate diploma in management.

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